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Property for rent doesn’t simply appeal to tenants, but also offers flexibility for those downsizing or moving into an area convenient for work and access to family and friends. It isn’t uncommon for estate agents to arrange viewings for potential tenants that include everyone from young singles moving into their own place for the first time to mature couples who are downsizing.

Although renting gives you greater flexibility than owning a property, it still takes time and money to find the right place and to move in, so it is worth your while in putting some careful thought into finding somewhere that will suit you.

If you have found a property to rent, what happens next? The following steps will provide you with all the information and advice you need to clinch the deal and become a tenant. Our tenants and landlords have awarded us a 5 star agency. If you need further assistance, please contact us on info@assents.co.uk.


Simple Guide to Renting a Property from Private Landlord

Note: It is important to check or seek help with your finances and budget carefully before signing up to a tenancy agreement. Failure to pay your bills and rent will have severe consequences as you may be evicted from your home and face financial/legal claims against you. Please refer to your tenancy agreement for full terms and conditions.