Specialist residential property solutions in and around London with a focus on overseas clients

About us

Specialist Residential Property Agent for the Overseas Clients.

Assents Property is a London based boutique property agent that has you and your properties at the heart of everything we do. We are passionate about the UK property market and are committed to supporting our overseas clients in their investment and relocation needs.

We are an unusual property agency and very proud of the quality we provide our clients.  It is our goal to dispel the idea that 'all estate or property agents are the same'.

We want our clients to be able to trust us, to be able to heed our advice without qualms and to feel truly comfortable when dealing with us.  That way we know we are adding value to every transaction we are involved in.

This also means that we are creating lasting relationships with our clients who, more often than not, are making hugely important and deeply personal financial decisions when buying, renting or selling their investments.

We are specialists in the new built and pre-owned properties.  Managing a portfolio in excess of £9 million across London, our operational ethos are focused on a solid reputation with honesty being paramount.

We strongly believe in looking after our tenants too. Happy tenants in turn, benefits our landlords who will look after their homes and prolong their stay.

Whether you are in or outside the United Kingdom, we are always on hand to care for your real estate investments.  Contact us today for a friendly chat.  We are on WhatsApp.